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Particle Physics For Non Physicists__Steven Pollock

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Written by Steven Pollock
Format: MP3

The Teaching Company - Course 1247

Particle Physics for Non-Physicists: A Tour of the Microcosmos
Steven Pollock - University of Colorado and Boulder

Part I

Lecture 1: The Nature of Physics

Lecture 2: The Standard Model of Particle Physics

Lecture 3: The Pre-History of Particle Physics

Lecture 4: The Birth of Modern Physics

Lecture 5: Quantum Mechanics Gets Serious

Lecture 6: New Particles and New Technologies

Lecture 7: Weak Interactions and the Neutrino

Lecture 8: Accelerators and the Particle Explosion

Lecture 9: The Particle “Zoo”

Lecture 10: Fields and Forces

Lecture 11: “Three Quarks for Muster Mark”

Lecture 12: From Quarks to QCD

Part II

Lecture 13: Symmetry and Conservation Laws

Lecture 14: Broken Symmetry, Shattered Mirrors

Lecture 15: The November Revolution of 1974

Lecture 16: A New Generation

Lecture 17: Weak Forces and the Standard Model

Lecture 18: The Greatest Success Story in Physics

Lecture 19: The Higgs Particle

Lecture 20: The Solar Neutrino Puzzle

Lecture 21: Back to the Future (1)—Experiments to Come

Lecture 22: Back to the Future (2)—Puzzles and Progress

Lecture 23: Really Big Stuff—The Origin of the Universe

Lecture 24: Looking Back and Looking Forward


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