Bound By Sin – The Beginning Of A Prophecy By Stevie J Cole.epub

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Bound by Sin – The Beginning of a Prophecy by Stevie J Cole.epub

Bound by Sin – The Beginning of a Prophecy by Stevie J Cole.epub.torrent
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Looking in the mirror, I see every physical feature that would make you believe I was a man, but it’s the attributes that you can’t see that make me what I really am. The things I’ve knowledge of, the sins against man that I’ve committed can be described as nothing other than selfish and cruel. I know the answers to things mankind has only fleeting guesses of. I live in the reality that this world has a part of it that is so dark it could only be believed to belong within the realms of a myth, a legend, or a fairytale.
Cast out of grace, made to become demons, and bound by an agreement, the story of the Fallen is one that has been kept hidden for centuries. Although I could tell you every detail of how this world was created and recall each detail of history since time began, I cannot tell you if, and how, it all will end. Prophecies warned that a human emotion as capricious as love would rip all control from a Fallen and that ultimately this love would bring an end to all living things, but frankly, for all my existence I’d believed Iove was too weak an idea to ever bring something as powerful as myself to their knees.
This is the tale of all darkness within this world; this is the story of my legend. Here is where it begins, and although I never believed it would have an end, it ended the same way it began – with a woman, but that’s another story in and of itself.


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