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Files in this torrent

330 Sessions/01 Tim McGraw.mp37 MB
330 Sessions/02 Teardrops On My Guitar.mp38.6 MB
330 Sessions/03 Picture To Burn.mp35.9 MB
330 Sessions/04 The Outside.mp38 MB
Beautiful Eyes[EP]/01 Beautiful Eyes.mp37 MB
Beautiful Eyes[EP]/02 Should've Said No (Alternate Vers.mp38.8 MB
Beautiful Eyes[EP]/03 Teardrops on my Guitar (Acoustic.mp37 MB
Beautiful Eyes[EP]/04 Picture to Burn (Radio Edit).mp36.8 MB
Beautiful Eyes[EP]/05 I'm Only Me When I'm With You.mp38.4 MB
Beautiful Eyes[EP]/06 I Heart _.mp37.6 MB
Fearless Karaoke/01 Fearless (Karaoke Version).mp36.3 MB
Fearless Karaoke/02 Fifteen (Karaoke Version).mp37.2 MB
Fearless Karaoke/03 Love Story (Karaoke Version).mp36 MB
Fearless Karaoke/04 Hey Stephen (Karaoke Version).mp36.1 MB
Fearless Karaoke/05 White Horse (Karaoke Version).mp35.2 MB
Fearless Karaoke/06 You Belong With Me (Karaoke Versi.mp35.9 MB
Fearless Karaoke/07 Breathe (Karaoke Version).mp36.5 MB
Fearless Karaoke/08 Tell Me Why (Karaoke Version).mp35.3 MB
Fearless Karaoke/09 You're Not Sorry (Karaoke Version.mp36.5 MB
Fearless Karaoke/10 The Way I Loved You (Karaoke Vers.mp36.4 MB
Fearless Karaoke/11 Forever & Always (Karaoke Version.mp35.6 MB
Fearless Karaoke/12 The Best Day (Karaoke Version).mp35.8 MB
Fearless Karaoke/13 Change (Karaoke Version).mp38.1 MB
Fearless/01 Fearless.m4a29.5 MB
Fearless/02 Fifteen.m4a35.6 MB
Fearless/03 Love Story.m4a27.6 MB
Fearless/04 Hey Stephen.m4a29.4 MB
Fearless/05 White Horse.m4a25.7 MB
Fearless/06 You Belong With Me.m4a27.7 MB
Fearless/07 Breathe.m4a30.3 MB
Fearless/08 Tell Me Why.m4a25 MB
Fearless/09 You're Not Sorry.m4a31.4 MB
Fearless/10 The Way I Loved You.m4a29.7 MB
Fearless/11 Forever & Always.m4a29.2 MB
Fearless/12 The Best Day.m4a26.6 MB
Fearless/13 Change.m4a35.8 MB
Fearless/14 Our Song.m4a24.9 MB
Fearless/15 Teardrops On My Guitar.m4a23 MB
Fearless/16 Should've Said No.m4a30.8 MB
Live From SoHo/01 Umbrella.mp32.1 MB
Live From SoHo/02 Our Song.mp34.8 MB
Live From SoHo/03 Teardrops On My Guitar.mp34.7 MB
Live From SoHo/04 Should've Said No.mp36.1 MB
Live From SoHo/05 A Place In This World.mp34.7 MB
Live From SoHo/06 Mary's Song.mp35.2 MB
Live From SoHo/07 Tim McGraw.mp35.5 MB
Live From SoHo/08 Picture To Burn.mp34.9 MB
Love Story Remixes/01 Love Story (Digital Dog Remix).mp313.8 MB
Love Story Remixes/02 Love Story (Digital Dog Edit).mp37.4 MB
Love Story Remixes/03 Love Story (Digital Dog Dub).mp313 MB
Love Story Remixes/04 Love Story (J Stax Full Mix).mp312.7 MB
Love Story Remixes/05 Love Story (J Stax Edit).mp38.6 MB
Love Story Remixes/06 Love Story (Radio Edit).mp39.1 MB
Sounds of the Season_ The Taylor Swift H/01 Last Christmas.mp35.3 MB
Sounds of the Season_ The Taylor Swift H/02 Christmas When You Were Mine.mp32.9 MB
Sounds of the Season_ The Taylor Swift H/03 Santa Baby.mp34.1 MB
Sounds of the Season_ The Taylor Swift H/04 Silent Night.mp34.8 MB
Sounds of the Season_ The Taylor Swift H/05 Christmas Must Be Something More.mp35.9 MB
Sounds of the Season_ The Taylor Swift H/06 White Christmas.mp33.7 MB
Stripped_ Raw & Real/01 Love Story.mp35.4 MB
Stripped_ Raw & Real/02 Change.mp35.7 MB
Stripped_ Raw & Real/03 Fearless.mp34.4 MB
Stripped_ Raw & Real/1-04 Teardrops On My Guitar.mp34.3 MB
Stripped_ Raw & Real/1-05 Beautiful Eyes.mp34.1 MB
Stripped_ Raw & Real/1-06 Picture To Burn.mp34 MB
Stripped_ Raw & Real/1-07 Should've Said No.mp35.5 MB
Stripped_ Raw & Real/1-08 Untouchable (Luna Halo).mp34.9 MB
Stripped_ Raw & Real/1-09 Interview.mp35.6 MB
Studio Demo CD/01 Lucky You.mp33.3 MB
Studio Demo CD/02 Smokey Black Nights.mp33 MB
Studio Demo CD/03 American Boy.mp33.1 MB
Studio Demo CD/04 Here You Come Again.mp32.2 MB
Studio Demo CD/05 Hopelessly Devoted To You.mp32.5 MB
Studio Demo CD/06 Am I Ready For Love.mp34 MB
Studio Demo CD/07 Can I Go With You_.mp32.7 MB
Studio Demo CD/08 One Way Ticket.mp33.2 MB
Studio Demo CD/09 There's Your Trouble.mp32.5 MB
Studio Demo CD/10 Star Spangled Banner.mp31.2 MB
Taylor Swift (Deluxe Edition)/01 Tim McGraw.mp35.4 MB
Taylor Swift (Deluxe Edition)/02 Picture To Burn.mp34 MB
Taylor Swift (Deluxe Edition)/03 Teardrops On My Guitar.mp34.7 MB
Taylor Swift (Deluxe Edition)/04 A Place In This World.mp34.6 MB
Taylor Swift (Deluxe Edition)/05 Cold As You.mp35.5 MB
Taylor Swift (Deluxe Edition)/06 The Outside.mp34.8 MB
Taylor Swift (Deluxe Edition)/07 Tied Together With A Smile.mp35.8 MB
Taylor Swift (Deluxe Edition)/08 Stay Beautiful.mp35.5 MB
Taylor Swift (Deluxe Edition)/09 Should've Said No.mp35.6 MB
Taylor Swift (Deluxe Edition)/10 Mary's Song (Oh My My My).mp34.9 MB
Taylor Swift (Deluxe Edition)/11 Our Song.mp34.7 MB
Taylor Swift (Deluxe Edition)/12 I'm Only Me When I'm With You.mp34.9 MB
Taylor Swift (Deluxe Edition)/13 Invisible.mp34.7 MB
Taylor Swift (Deluxe Edition)/14 A Perfectly Good Heart.mp35.1 MB
Taylor Swift (Deluxe Edition)/15 Taylor's 1st Phone Call With Tim.mp36.5 MB
Taylor Swift Karaoke/01 Tim McGraw (Karaoke Version).mp35.7 MB
Taylor Swift Karaoke/02 Picture To Burn (Karaoke Version).mp34.2 MB
Taylor Swift Karaoke/03 Teardrops On My Guitar (Karaoke V.mp34.7 MB
Taylor Swift Karaoke/04 A Place In This World (Karaoke Ve.mp34.8 MB
Taylor Swift Karaoke/05 Cold As You (Karaoke Version).mp35.5 MB
Taylor Swift Karaoke/06 The Outside (Karaoke Version).mp35.3 MB