Doug Dandridge - Refuge - The Arrival - Book 3 - The Legions [Kindle Azw3]

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Doug Dandridge - Refuge - The Arrival - Book 3 - The Legions [Kindle azw3]

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Doug Dandridge - Refuge - The Arrival - Book 3

During a nuclear war in Central Europe millions of humans are transported to a world of fantasy, where the archetypes of our myths are real. Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, and Dragons, as well as creatures of the night and Demons from the Hells roam the world. The evil ruler of an Elfin Empire sees the humans as life energy to fuel his bid for immortality. But the humans brought some of their own weapons with them, devices beyond the wildest dreams of the native peoples. It's use it or lose it, and the human General is determined to use it to the best advantage.

Now the modern tech is gone, but the Earth humans have other knowledge, of old tech that doesn't require internal combustion engines or explosives. Windmills, sailing vessels, and most important of all, the secrets and tactics of ancient armies. The Earth humans must train in the techniques of the Roman Legions, the best infantry of the pre-gunpowder world. Arrayed against them are warriors who have been killing for thousands of years, and their savage allies. The humans have the Immortals, demigods of great power on this world. And the former mental patients who become great users of magic on Refuge. Will it be enough to defeat people who see them as cattle? Ort will humanity become the legend of the lost, who appeared on a world of salvation only to die? The forces of Nato are on the march, on the offensive, for the only way to win this war is to attack, and keep the pressure on the enemy.

Publication Date: September 3, 2013
Language: English


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