Computer Hacking The Ultimate Guide To Learn Computer Hacking And SQL (2016) [WWRG]

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Computer Hacking The Ultimate Guide to Learn Computer Hacking and SQL (2016) [WWRG]

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Publisher: JAVA (March 10, 2016)
Publication Date: March 10, 2016
Language: English

Have you ever wanted to learn more about hacking? Have you wanted to understand the secrets of the hacking community, or understand some of the key techniques used by hackers? Have you wondered about the motivations of hackers, or been intrigued by how people are still targeted by hackers despite the increasing availability of computer security software? If so, then this book is right for you!

Hacking is the act of gaining unauthorized access to a computer system, and can include viewing or copying data, or even creating new data.

Hacking is more than simply a pastime for those who are interested in technology, and more than simply an illegal activity used for personal gain and with malicious intent, although both of these motivations do make up much of hacking activity.

In fact, hacking is its own subculture, and members of the community feel very strongly about their ideologies, techniques and social relationships in the computer underworld. As digital culture continues to grow, it seems that both ethical and unethical hacking will become more and more skilled and its impact evermore significant.

This book provides an introduction to the key concepts, techniques and challenges of hacking and includes the following topics:

What is hacking
Hacking and the influence of cyberpunk
The different types of hackers
The role of computer security
Hacking techniques


The Beginner’s Guide for Coding SQL is a user-friendly eBook designed for complete beginners. You might have encountered the MySQL database after hosting your personal website or while establishing your game server. The problem is, you might not have the idea of how to configure any database that uses structured query language, or commonly known as, SQL.

All topics presented in this book were discussed in non-complex standards to help non-technical readers in learning SQL. It is notetaking that SQL topics are fairly complex by nature; however, all these complexities will be removed in this book and all topics will be presented in the easiest way possible.

At the end of this book, you will be able to acquire sufficient knowledge in order to execute specific SQL statements. This will prepare you in learning advance database programming including, but not limited to, database creation, database query, the addition of data, and the deletion of data.

This book aims to provide you with the following:

Introduction to Database
Close Look to Relational Models
Overview of SQL
Tables and Columns
Basic SQL Statements
Data Creation in SQL& Data Types
SELECT Command
FROM & WHERE Clauses


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